Perth – Berlin (via Adelaide – Sydney – Melbourne – Sydney – Perth – Melbourne)

berlin pic 2

Just before Christmas 2014 I left Melbourne after 3 very good years. I spent the summer travelling between some of the nation’s state capitals, with projects including: Jeremy Rose’s ‘Iron in the Blood’ recording in Sydney in January; Kate Miller-Heidke and Iain Grandage’s opera ‘The Rabbits’ in Perth in February; and Tilman Robinson’s collaboration with Tuomo Prattalla and Felix Zenger as part of the Fremantle Arts Centre’s Soft Soft Loud series in February; a departure solo recital in the Northcote Uniting Church in March; and a concert in Melbourne curated by Georgia Ioakimidis-MacDougall playing solos and a duo by Liza Lim, including a piece written for me, ‘The Window’ for solo quarter-tone flugelhorn.

2 days after that last concert, Georgia and I left for Berlin, which is where we live now.